Thursday, May 5, 2011

Magic Boards

I love, love, love these magic boards from Lakeshore Learning. I use them for so many things. When I'm doing a lesson on the smartboard, they are way to keep all the kids involved and not just the one student coming up to the board. I did a lesson on noting details today, and after the students listened to a story on the smartboard, I had them write down one detail that they remembered from the story. We then shared them, and then revealed the details on the smartboard. I use them for all kinds of responding activities. When we did fact and opinion, I would reveal an example on the smartboard and then they would write fact or opinion on their boards. What I like best is that they are always ready to use. The kids keep them in their seat sacks, and the stylus is attached so there is no searching for a pencil, and we don't waste paper either! Way better than dry erase boards because you never have to worry about someone complaining that their marker ran dry in the middle of your lesson! I wrote a grant to a local business so that I could purchase these boards. Here is a link to check them out.

You can also purchase math and language arts activity cards to use with them.

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  1. I have one for my daughter but never thought to write a grant for a set for my classroom What a great idea!

    Mrs. Polston's Kindergarten