Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Classroom Shopping Linky Party

Love this linky party at where you will find lots of great finds.

Oh yes, I too have been shopping.  These are my great finds from Oriental Trader, which just arrived today!

These say Happy Birthday from your teacher.

 I have a smiley face theme in my classroom, and these water bottle covers are going to look so cute sitting on their desks.  I was going to buy plastic water bottles for all the kids so everyone would have one, but then I saw these cute covers.  I will buy the bottles (Walmart brand) that fit in them, and then the kids can just refill their bottles.
 To save on paper next year, I laminated a ton of stuff over the summer.  I plan to have a binder for each child and then they can use dry erase markers and erasers and reuse, reuse, reuse.  These erasers from Oriental Trader are really nice.
 This is a jumbo 3-minute timer.  I plan to use it on my time-out desk.  That way there is no embarrassing timer to go off.
 I use name tags throughout the year for a variety of things.
I love these hall passes on lanyards: girls' & boys' bathroom pass, hall pass, library pass, nurse pass, and office pass.  I really just wanted the boys and girls bathroom lanyards because the passes that I have always get left in the bathroom...ewwwww.  These will go around their neck and should always come least I hope.  Happy Shopping!!!

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