Friday, June 24, 2011

Seat Sack Update

Recently I wrote about how I love my seat sacks but they only last a couple of years @  I felt that the nylon seats lasted longer than the twill or cotton seatsacks, but I just couldn't find the nylon ones anywhere.  SO...I decided to call the company.  One of their owners told me that they discontinued the nylon seatsacks because they had problems with the material fraying.  We discussed how the cotton seat sacks wear out on the top where the material sits against the chair.  At $10.00 a seatsack (which comes out of my own pocket) it hard to justify buying new ones every year to replace the worn out ones.  She then told me that she had a little secret to share with me; they are about to reveal a new improved seat sack.  The new seat sack will have the same fabric but with a protective shiny layer over it to make it more durable and easy to clean.  She kept my number and promised to contact me when these become available.  She also said to get on their email list or like their facebook site to take advantage of special pricing that they offer teachers.  

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