Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Getting Ready!

I went to school today only to find out that the floors haven't been cleaned yet.  So I was unable to set up any desks or move things around.  I was able to organize all my books at least.  My dilemma is that I saw our cleaning guy (we don't have a custodian because it is cheaper to have a cleaning service) sleeping in the supply room.  I went and made some copies and did some laminating and came back 45 minutes later, and he was still sleeping in there.  I don't want to be a "tattler," but come on there are good people out there that need jobs.  Plus he came into my room twice complaining about the work his boss wants him to do.  I wanted to say, "isn't that your job?"  I probably won't say anything; what would you do?


  1. Let someone know about the custodian. He is getting paid for a service he is not providing. In addition, he is holding up your ability to do your job. It's not tattling to inform administration that you are unable to do what you need to do.

  2. Today, when I went in, I saw him in my next door teacher's room lounging in her chair with his foot up on her desk!

  3. That's a tough one!! Sometimes we have had to clean our own rooms except the floor if you want things done. It's nice when you get a good custodian, but when you don't it's a pain!! Just found your cute!! My fingers are crossed that you get in soon!

  4. Oh Dijo! Have I ever been there! I used to throw my toys big time when I get back to school and things are not ready for me! Junior grade teachers always seem to go in earlier than other teachers and in my opinion if the cleaning staff have been at your school for some time they should know that and plan their schedule accordingly. If your cleaner is slacking on the job I think you should try to tactfully report it to the "powers that be". Have any of your colleagues noticed anything? Perhaps discuss with them or a grade head and maybe you could come up with a plan of action together! Good luck!
    :) Michelle Walker

  5. Hi Dijo,
    I am blessed with a wonderful custodian who is always willing to drop whatever he is doing to help us out... When my firsties make a mess, he cheerfully offers to clean it up with his saying, "It's job security!" I'd definitely go to the administration and have them "drop in" to see what is really going on (or not going on). You have the right to get your work done and it is his job to do his work in the best manner possible. Just my two cents worth. Good luck! Catherine